Contributing to Elliptical

Feature Requests

If you have a feature you'd like added, open up an issue first to discuss it. If the idea is accepted, feel free try and implement the feature and submit a pull request.

You should also add tests and documentation for any new feature you'd added.


Make sure that all tests pass before submitting a pull request. Elliptical uses Mocha to run tests. You can run them with

npm install
npm test

For development, you can use

npm test -- -w -b

This will watch all files for changes, and break on the first test failure encountered.


Elliptical uses Standard Javascript style.


Releases will be managed by the project lead (Brandon), and the last released code will live in the release branch. If you need a release, please open up an issue.


Of course, the main goal of a library like elliptical is to make awesome things with it.

If you are interested in building something using elliptical, feel free to contact Brandon on Twitter or GitHub to talk it over. Personalized support is available through Lacona Labs.